The Struggle For PMS (Premium motor spirit)

The plan was simple, stay in on Sunday morning and snooze as per the usual custom. Nothing was gonna get in my way, alas I was so wrong. I was rudely awakened and informed there was no fuel to run the generator, long story short I had to hit the streets. After snoozing for another 10 minutes I grudgingly got up to begin the search.
The first petrol station was packed full, and the gits weren’t selling to those with kegs (I still wonder why). So after swearing, inaudibly that is, I pushed on. Next petrol station wasn’t so packed but mehn the ‘keg queue’ long dieeeee!!!!!


I didn’t have the energy to cry, I just burst laugh say ‘yes! Today na today’. Thus began the oh so slow crawl toward the pump, 2 hours plus on my feet, hunger eating all my insides. I had almost reached the promised land (about 5 kegs left in front of me) when shouting suddenly erupted from the back of the queue. Apparently some animals were trying to cut on line, next thing kegs were flying, shirts had come off and the usual yoruba thug behaviour (making so much noise without throwing any punches started). I was just shouting ‘abeg make I buy fuel before una start fight o!’ i so wasn’t ready for so close yet so far. Everything was sorted out, I filled my kegs and began to think ‘for how long are we gonna live this way’ this isn’t life, iya yii po……  


The Return Of The King…

*Strolling into the arena like Vince McMahon arms outstretched* My people i have returned!!! Its been a very long time, I apologise profusely for my absence. The witches have not won the battle, the black man blood is in me :D. Hopefully I won’t have any reason to go AWOL again, watch this space (or spaces). Muchas gracias!!!

The Way Forward

The thoughts have been swirling around in my noggin, I actually have sanechild to thank for this. She made a very important point concerning one of my earlier posts, we are all being very vocal about the state of the nation but no one seems to have any suggestions on how we can solve the problems. I’m not an economist or politician etc etc but like every other Nigerian out there i’m not as idiotic as the government thinks, i can figure stuff out. Here’s what I think:

As we all know Nigeria’s number one problem is corruption/soullessness. What i mean is corruption is practically everywhere even in the so called developed countries, let’s paint a picture; in the typical ‘developed’ country assuming a governor or mayor (as the case may be) has 20 million dollars to spend on community development, that money will be well spread out. He/she may siphon part of the funds but at least the primary job would get done. In Nigeria lai lai, its a totally different ball game. Out of the 20 million the Nigerian political office holder pockets 18 million, gives his subordinates 1 million to shut them up and spends one million on the primary job. As a result there’s hardly any progress and even if there is, its temporary. This my people is soullessness and in my opinion anyone found guilty of such crimes should be sent to the gallows straight, no mercy. Anyone who can murder his/her people should be made to pay dearly. Equally all the fat cats in government should suffer the same fate, Bunch of Godless fellows.

Our laws need to be burnt up and a new set of laws drawn up because till this day i don’t know what law allows a president to change the name of an institution established by law on a whim, or what law permits our first lady to be appointed as a permanent secretary. Even if the appointment is legal, is she qualified to be there?? (the million dollar question) Naija i hail thee!! The constitution seems to favour the high ranking officials a whole lot, they just love to hide behind the immunity clause. Well i say out with the immunity clause! Let the sinners be punished PROPERLY, we all remember Tafa Balogun who stole billions and got 6 months in jail (i spit on the system), injustice of the highest order.

Let’s not forget one of the most important issues, we as citizens. We are so used to flouting the rules and doing anything we like because we know we can talk or more commonly buy our way out of problems. Public disorder, a lack of morals, civic disobedience reigns supreme. The WAI (War Against Indiscipline) legislation was introduced by Buhari in 1984 to tackle this menace, sadly the program was criticized by some for poor planning and engaging in draconian and unreasonable punishments such as public flogging and long sentences for minor offenses. A student above 17 years of age caught cheating could get close to 21 years in prison while counterfeiting, arson and illegal oil bunkering could lead to the death penalty. I hate to say this but we kinda need that program today albeit with some adjustments, i don’t think i want to be flogged in public (shudders).

Stiffer penalties need to be brought upon criminals or wrong doers in general, Governor Fashola recently got a military officer arrested and fined for driving in the BRT lane, I believe he was meant to pay #25,000 or so. Not bad but in my opinion the fine should be a more substantial amount maybe with jail time. New traffic laws were introduced in Lagos and everyone is crying blue murder, the truth is that’s the language Nigerians seem to understand. Unless we’re treated like goats we won’t behave ourselves and that is a sad sad trend. Ironically we travel to The U.K etc and become model citizens, penny for your thoughts my people.

Oh well i’m done, i may have forgotten a couple of things but y’all should kindly drop your comments and possible solutions to the problem below.

Sanechild i hope i’ve answered your question, cheers…………

The 16th Man


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Forgiveness: the renunciation or cessation of resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offense, disagreement, or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution. The willingness to forgive not only sets the enemy free but more importantly sets you free. I watched a documentary about South Africa’s 1995 rugby world cup win, i have to say its one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen, let’s take this tale from the top.

May 26 1948 the Nationalist party won the elections and introduced its policy of racial segregation, apartheid. The concept of separating people based on the colour of their skin is something i still find very hard to understand, there were so many bizarre laws and policies made just to ensure the ‘enslavement’ of non whites. The population registration act required all citizens to register as black, white or coloured, this act alone caused untold pain and suffering as members of one family would be classed differently because one of them would have a much lighter skin tone than his brothers or sisters. The Immorality Act, making it a criminal offense for a white person to have any sexual relations with a person of a different race, The Group Areas Act, barring people of particular races from various urban areas, The list goes on and on. Basically the average black man had become a slave in his own land, people were jailed or killed without consequences, the Afrikaaners ‘took no prisoners’. There  was even The Bantu Education Act, designed to reduce the level of education attainable by black people, it was a really horrible time to be non white. Despite all the sanctions and appeals from the international community there was no end in sight, the injustice and inhumane treatment continued.

The Sharpeville massacre on the 21st March 1960. Police opened fire on people protesting (outside a police station in Sharpeville in the Vaal Triangle) against the pass laws, resulting in 69 people being killed and 180 wounded. Baragwanath hospital had been reduced to a war zone. Baragwanath housed 143 survivors – men, women and children – under police guard. Surgeons were shocked by the wounds normally only seen in battle, multiple gunshot wounds, bones powdered by heavy callibre bullets. Many wounds were inflicted from the victims’ backs. Of the 143 admitted; there were 110 men, 29 women and 4 children. Three of those admitted to the hospital died. The bodies of those who died were brought by truck to a mass funeral. What really shocked me about this wasn’t the fact that the police opened fire, but the fact that people were running away and they didn’t stop shooting, Man’s inhumanity to man, and it didn’t stop there.

16th June 1976, Soweto pupils revolt against the apartheid education system, where they were forced to be taught in Afrikaans (as their medium of instruction). Children protesing with banners were attacked by police firing teargas. The children replied by throwing stones and the police replied with shots.

I can’t claim to know how the the people must have felt, no one can unless they were there. To have land belonging to your family for generations taken away from you forcefully, to be told where to go and where not to go, to be forced to use separate ammenities, to watch your children, brothers, sisters get murdered in cold blood that’s more than enough to drive anyone insane with anger and hate. Nelson Mandela fought for the liberation of the people and he was promptly sent to jail for 27 years. 27 years is a long time by anyone’s standard, if it were me i’d have spent the whole time plotting my revenge, trying to figure out a way to make the enemy suffer for all the pain they had caused my people. Mandela didn’t do that, he chose to forgive the enemy. He believed there could not be democracy without reconciliation and forgiveness. His masterstroke was using the 1995 rugby world cup as a way to bring people of all colours together. Bearing in mind black South Africans saw the springboks (SA rugby team as a symbol of the oppressor), they even supported opponents during matches. The plan worked, he was their ’16th man’.

After all that he went through he went down the peaceful path. Honestly i’m not sure i would be able to pull that off, but he did and civil war was averted. Forgiveness: it not only sets the enemy free more importantly its sets you free.

Utter Confusion


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Hey guys, how’s it going?? I’m going to deviate slightly from the norm on this post, I know you’re used to me raving and ranting but I’ll ease off slightly on this. I’ve never been much of a storyteller so I’ll try to make this as quick and painless as possible. There are two guys and a girl involved in this so for the sake of national security let’s call them Lanre, Biodun and Lara.
Biodun is your regular dude next door, cool, calm and fresh out of university; not exactly Denzel Washington but he had a certain way with the ladies. I should know, I was there. Sometimes I would be his wingman and vice versa (let’s not go into details). Despite all the attention he always had eyes for one particular girl and when I say eyes, it bordered on an obsession (sorry bro). Lara was a year behind me and biodun, though she was in a different faculty. I can’t remember exactly but I think the attraction began as far back as year two (pardon me but it was a while ago), they met during a dean’s cup match I believe. Anyways Lara played hard to get (like all women do) eventually she said yes to and they began dating, I was sad for I had lost a dedicated wing man.
Things were awesome for the couple, always going out and being all couple like. For the record I didn’t feel left out or jealous, i didn’t need to be *wink*. Biodun was always on about how awesome lara was bla bla bla, it became a regular tune, it was so sugary sometimes I felt like throwing up but like all fairytales there’s always a witch, a monster or even both. Things started to go south just when we began our final year, I thought maybe they were just having regular couple issues because it didn’t look too bad at the time, until when the dam broke. I remember it was a Saturday because I usually spent the weekends at home but I stayed back in school because my department had a football match that day. Biodun called me up later on telling me some s*** had happened and we needed to talk, dude got me so scared I thought I was in trouble. Long story short he said he found out lara had been cheating on him and he wanted to break up. It was shocking and hard to believe, he said he had proof but he didn’t wanna tell me about it. He confronted her and according to what he told me she didn’t even try to deny it, seemed she was ‘proud’ of herself. That was how their romance ended.
Fast forward about two years and the other brother in the story comes into play. Lanre and biodun had been friends in secondary school; he studied in Canada and was back in town for NYSC etc etc. Apparently they hadn’t spoken since their secondary school days and got in contact when he got back to town. I said I’d make this story as quick and painless as possible: Lanre met a girl whom he likes and wants to date, said girl is lara whom my buddy biodun used to date. Lanre doesn’t know this yet and dig this, lara is begging biodun not to reveal everything that happened between them to lanre. This throws up some questions which I really need answers to because biodun is really bugging me.
1. Is there anything wrong with dating your friend’s ex or your friend dating your ex?
2. Did biodun make a mistake by not telling lanre that he and lara were together before?
3. Should biodun tell lanre the real reason he and lara broke up or should he just keep that to himself? If he tells him lanre might not believe him, if he doesn’t lanre might find out and think biodun didn’t ‘protect’ him
4. Is it possible to be friends with your ex and her/his new girlfriend/boyfriend a.k.a your buddy?? Similar to the ted, robin and barney triangle in “how I met your mother”? Your opinions please!!!

Impossible Is Nothing


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Hey hey, I’m sure many of y’all were beginning to think I’d gone AWOL, not in the least, here i am once again to rave ‘n’ rant etc etc. Let’s get to it!

I recently heard the news about a policeman who found a large amount of money and duly returned it, this was such a momentous achievement that the said policeman received cash rewards and was even promoted. This is probably stale news, e ma binu, for me it never gets old.

Correct me if i’m wrong but i thought (as well as millions of others) that part of a policeman’s duties is to be honest, diligent and to return lost items if found, abi na me no sabi?? This is what said officer did and instantly he became a hero, Nigeria i hail thee!! Many would argue that he’s a Nigerian policeman and for him to return ‘free’ money is a huge achievement considering the current climate in the country, i beg to differ on this though. If the owner of the money felt like giving him a cash reward on a personal level fine i can understand that, is this worthy of making the front page of the papers? most definitely but a promotion, c’mon!!!! Its not like the guy solved a great mystery, he simply did his job as he should have.

Trust Nigerians to take things over the top, we seem to thrive on sentiments and mediocrity, for how long are we going to celebrate what should be a normal turn of events? Are we such ‘immoral’ people now that when someone returns what doesn’t belong to them(which is normal) we throw a parade and celebrate it? Our sense of morality is gone with the wind. Corruption is the in thing and lately its not even done under g anymore, i just wonder how the outside world sees us. Think about it, if we have to celebrate someone for doing something he/she should ordinarily do, then Houston we have a BIG problem. Speaking of celebrating i recall when Chief Bode George was released from prison, people partied like he had just returned from a mission to the moon. Today he’s still a top dog in the country despite being convicted on corruption charges, a ‘normal’ person would most likely leave the country ASAP and stay away from the limelight but hey, this is Nigeria, where up is down. The battle between farcrook lawan and mr otedola still rages on, i used to have a lot of respect for lawan but after the whole issue came to light i admit i was really disappointed, i guess he’s Nigerian after all.

Two weeks ago i hopped on a bus at ojuelegba en route ojota, the driver then stopped at the bus stop at barracks to drop some passengers off as well as to pick up new ones. While the conductor was busy screaming in his gravely voice ‘ketu ojota pangove!! (palmgrove apparently)’, two policewomen approached the driver to demand their settlement. I guess the driver was in no mood to drop any dough because a mini argument began. Believe it or not both women stood in front the bus with their hands folded across their chests + their noses in the air like petulant children, i thought i had seen and heard it all until the people in the bus started to scream at the driver to settle the policewomen and not waste their time etc etc. All i could do was silently shake my head, these were regular people urging the driver to ‘settle’, the same people who come out later to shout and scream that the government is corrupt, SAD.

I’m not claiming to be a saint o, even i have my shortcomings but as they say, in order to solve a problem you must be ready to admit that the problem exists. We as a people understand the concept of right and wrong, we equally understand the consequences of our actions but we have become so desensitized that we choose not to give a damn about the consequences when we decide to do the wrong things.Sadly enough the kids are toeing the same line, that really is alarming. We need our sense of morality back, without it corruption or at least a large chunk of it won’t go away, being sentimental and celebrating mediocrity certainly isn’t helping either.We can blame the government, but the government is made up of people, its going to be a very tough battle to clean up the mess and move the country forward. Some might say its impossible but i don’t believe that, impossible is nothing. God bless us all *drops mic*.

“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently”-Friedrich Nietzsche

Where Art Thou The Readers??


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“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”
― Harry. S. Truman

I was with a friend’s 9 year old nephew a while ago, the young lad was playing a game on his psp. Agbaya that i am i just knew i had to get a piece of the action, so ‘famzing’ was the way forward. I began to talk to him, ask him questions and all, apparently he was playing Prince of  Persia (one of my favorites). Anyway as the conversation went on i asked if he had other interests etc, it went this way:

Me: so what other hobbies do you have?

Him: I love cartoons, still learning to ride my bike, i go to the cinema sometimes too.

Me: Do you read any story books or novels?

Him: No i don’t, books are so boring…

As he said that i just felt cold, like someone took me to siberia and tossed me into the snow, naked. It was like a nightmare, books are boring ke, tufia! I shouldn’t have been too surprised though, it wasn’t the first time a kid had said they had no interest in reading, guess i couldn’t just ignore it this time. It’s very worrying.

As a kid i loved books, there was always something to read and there was no limit to where i could read. In class (guilty), during a meal, in the morning before school, heck even during my private time in the toilette (best place ever!). Whether it was the secret seven or famous five or even junior english project it didn’t matter, stories of smugglers, mysteries, shipwrecks, magic were so appealing to my young mind, they made me think, they made me wonder. Some people say i have a very colourful(ish) imagination, i guess we know where that came from. Psycho and proud!!!

Back to reality, I’m describing a heartbreaking problem that spreads across a whole generation or two of kids. They do not enjoy reading and many cannot read. Does reading really matter? Well, humans must understand concepts in order to live their lives. And they must also be able to use critical thinking skills-that is, they need to know how to apply the concepts in real life. If a child’s reading skills are severely lacking, then it follows that their writing skills will also be poor. This is so true in Nigeria today, many kids and adults as well can’t write to save their lives. I have a hard time communicating with some people because half the time i wonder if what they wrote is Gaelic or English, its that bad. Ok some can argue that they can text or update their facebook statuses etc etc (trust me most times this doesn’t always come out right), this in no way means they know how to add significantly to their knowledge and they certainly aren’t developing their creative imagination, two very important life tools.

All kids wanna do today is play their video games, surf the internet, manipulate their parent’s ipads and in some cases ‘set p’. I know 10 year olds who have blackberries, overkill in my opinion.

Let me just make 2 points that could possibly help get kids to read more:

1. Teachers need to wake up and smell the coffee! Do whatever it takes to teach their classes in a way that turns kids on—even if it takes a bit more time and effort. I think kids would rather know what it was like to be a soldier suffering through the civil war than to memorize the fact that Nigeria beacame on January 1, 1863? Don’t you think that kids would rather do experiments and handle real substances in nature than simply memorizing the abbreviations for various chemical compounds? Its not rocket science, go figure!
2. Parents should try (emphasis on try) to help their kids with their reading, encourage them, make books available etc etc. There were books all over the house when I was young, I’m thankful for that today.

I don’t intend to preach or judge or point fingers, its just been bugging me for a while now and the ‘spirit’ just took over. There’s hope for the next generation that much I believe, do you??

A Girl’s View On ‘Zoning’


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A girl’s view on zoning as seen through the eyes of my good friend/sister, Toyin Aribike. We are not entirely in agreement but hey everyone has a right to be heard, enjoy!

A lot of things have been said on this particular topic. It is singularly one of the most popular topics on social networks today. Yes I’m talking about zoning; everybody says it’s a bad

thing and girls are being blamed for this particular phenomenon.

According to the urban dictionary it is a state of being where a male inadvertently becomes a ‘platonic friend’ of an attractive female who he was trying to initiate a romantic relationship.

Females have been rumored to arrive in the Friend Zone, but reports are unsubstantiated.

Girl: “I love you (Insert the poor bastard’s name here,) but I don’t want to

ruin a great friendship by dating you.”

Guy: “Well why the f*** did I waste two months on you?”

The truth about the matter is everybody has zoned someone at a particular time in their lives so let’s stop playing the blame game and stop pointing fingers at girls.

As a girl I admit zoning is bad but sometimes it has to happen, there are times when u meet this wonderful guy that is so easy to talk to… after a few weeks of talking u realize there are no feelings involved, you genuinely just enjoy his company and don’t want to lose this particular friendship. At this point a sister has to zone, it’s not our fault but there is nothing she can do about it.

There are definitely girls that take this zoning thing too far and I’ll use the segun and omololu story as an example: the writer took it too far and she got what she deserved in the end, I’m

very sure she knew she didn’t have feelings for segun but his gifts were too awesome so she led him on. She was obviously going to keep him as back-up just in case she didn’t find a suitable husband after a certain period, maybe then the Holy Spirit would tell her to marry segun. Don’t get me wrong I’m a Christian and I believe in praying before making such an important decision but trust me if he was the guy for her she would have received the go-ahead.

There are also guys who deliberately zone themselves without the girl in question knowing and then later they’ll claim that they were zoned, I’m going to use the story of someone I know.

Let’s call the guy Lanre and the babe oyinkan. Lanre and oyinkan meet, sparks fly and both start ‘catching feelings’, oyinkan flirts shamelessly while becoming good friends with lanre and he does nothing about it.

About a year later they go to a party together where oyinkan meets another dude and starts talking to him, lanre becomes jealous and oyinkan tries to find out where the jealousy is coming from and Lanre claims it’s because he thinks the new guy is a player he still doesn’t say anything about his feelings for her, he decides to wait another year before finally fessing up about his feelings but she had moved on by then. Though they are still friends it’s a strained relationship because he claims she zoned him and it was obviously his fault.  There are also people that have been put in the zone by circumstances like bad timing…people in this situation hope that one day they’ll magically find their way to one another just like in the movies but in the meantime they become ‘besties’. They are genuinely best of friends and most of the time don’t even understand the ‘chemistry’ or ‘sparks’ other people can see.

I’m going to end by saying even if you have been zoned you can always leave this zone, all you have to do is talk to the person in question whether male/female the worst thing they’ll say is NO, and even then I’m very sure you won’t die…nobody will even fault you

if you stop talking to the person, you’ll only be called immature by some people, which I guess is a small price to pay


Much Ado About MAULAG (or is it MAUL?)


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My initial plan was to sit back, observe and probably be amused at the comedy of errors trailing the renaming of UNILAG, but alas the spirits have taken over. I must rant, or be philosophical, or both. I hope I’m not too late with this, moving on!!!
May 29TH was supposed to be ‘Democracy day’ (or so it seems), our dear presido decided to bestow upon us another surprise: “… After careful consideration and in honour of Chief M.K.O Abiola’s accomplishments and heroism, on this Democracy Day, the University of Lagos is renamed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Moshood Abiola University, Lagos…” I heard the news and I refused to believe it, sounded like a huge joke (it still does). I turned the tv on looking for updates about the president’s speech, lo and behold it was true. My reaction was reflex like, next stop twitter!!!
My TL was everything I imagined it to be and even more sef, the countless curses rained on GEJ had been fine tuned I had to cringe at some of them (that dude is very well HATED), as expected there was staunch opposition to the announcement, even the graphic artists had gotten in on the act modifying UNILAG’s logo to er suit the new name (I hail all of una o!), the jokes were flying around: MAULAG MAUL MAU, MALU sef. Next thing we heard lag students were on ‘rampage’, the new name was met with absolute disdain. I’m sure the government wasn’t expecting a reaction like that. Quite honestly neither was I.
Let’s create an analogy here: imagine if Coca cola changed its name to maybe Capri cola or something. Coca Cola is a global brand; the product remains the same but with that name comes power and a reputation that’s been built since 1886. Coke is so popular that even when we want to buy a sprite or any other drink we say “pls give me coke”, that’s the power of a name! As Shakespeare said “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. UNILAG like Coca cola is a global brand, its reputation built over a 50 year period (that reputation is still a work in progress). Changing the name of the school has to be one of the one of the dumbest most retarded mistakes ever.
It’s safe to say I’m a UNILAG child, my entire academic life was spent on that campus. From ULWS to UNILAG staff school to ISL and then the university itself. For as long as I remember I always wanted to be a ‘lag’ boy, it was a thing of pride to be affiliated with the school. A lot of people saw things this way, many students without any family or friends in Lagos came just because of that name, nothing else mattered. Even those who travel abroad for further studies, anyone who says he/she went to UNILAG is looked at as a boss (global brand people).
I’m sorry but MAULAG sounds like locally brewed beer and I don’t think the cry of ‘Greatest Moshoodites’ is inspiring enough. No offence to Chief Abiola, he was and is an integral part of our democracy today, a well meaning man who wanted to move our country forward. He gave to worthy causes and was a big part of sports. A man like that deserves to be immortalized a thousand times over, but why ruin the history and heritage of one colossus for another? Why rob peter to pay paul? The conspiracy theorists have already been working nonstop, they say the name change is just a ploy to appeal to the people of the south west with eyes on the 2015 polls. I don’t know how true this is (anything is possible, I mean its naija), what I do know is an institution of UNILAG’s status should not be used to play any funny games. As it is the government has no plan to correct their horrible mistake, instead they’ve sent a bill to the senate which has surprisingly been approved. Whatever happened to the FOI bill?? A classic case of putting the cart before the horse, mr presido decided to ‘follow due process’ after the damage had been done, I swear that bros surrounded himself with rabid dogs and retarded monkeys.
The name change is unnecessary, it’s illegal and it sucks big time, bottom line WE NO WANT!!! There’s a lot more to be said on this issue, it’s so not over and done with. What do you think good people???

When You Were Young….


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Its been a crazy last couple of days, so much sadness all around. Despite all that i’m attempting to break free of those shackles *fingers crossed*

Growing up as a 90s kid was awesome, I was talking with a friend of mine and the conversation inexplicably turned towards our childhoods, it was so melancholic and all the memories came flooding back, some anyway because old age seems to have caught up lol!  So on some level I wanna thank ‘Sister’ for making me remember.

As far back as i remember we didn’t have much to worry about, our biggest challenge everyday was probaby having to decide between white rice or jollof rice (you get the point jor). My memories of nursery school are quite sketchy but i remember every morning when my mama dropped me off at school, she’d always buy me a lollipop. Not just any lollipop, chupa chups! i dunno if many remember it but that was the igwe of sweets. My day was neva complete without it like a junkie i needed to have my fix, good times. Somewhere around this time (or was it much later??) my love affair with disney began.

I’m sorry but if you didn’t feel the magic of disney you weren’t a totally happy child, oh and lets not mix classic disney with the new disney stuff (tangled, shrek etc). My first brush with Walt came in the form of  ‘Bedknobs and broomsticks’, it was a birthday present for when i turned 3 or 4. Ironically it was a movie but i fell head over heels in love (i still have the tape today). The little mermaid, the lion king, beauty and the beast, the list goes on and on, magic of our time.

We didn’t have all the fancy gadgets kids have these days, no ipads, no psps, no playstations, heck we didn’t even have cable. Except for the occasional cabletel of course, and not to paint a totally sad picture, we had family com(Shekere soccer and mario A-infinity were favourites) and who can forget super nintendo!!!!.

I’m not ashamed to admit that till this day i still watch cartoons (keeps me young), you gotta admit though cartoons are a good laugh. That’s one of the high points when we were kids, the cartoons. At the time NTA 2 channel 5 your reach out station was king, there was no 24 hour programming so we always had to wait till 4pm everyday to get our groove on (not bad on school days but torture during the holidays).

I’m sure every 90’s kid saw this, arrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!! I would miss anything but i wouldn’t miss anything for voltron, it was sooo cool. Modern day cartoons were modeled after this, i’m so sure. We had lots of  cool cartoons, birdman, G-force, sport billy, dungeons and dragons, dodo the kid from outer space…. its a long list. You couldn’t tell time but you always knew when 4pm was at hand, i can swear i perfected my time telling skills this way (can you blame me :D). I even got in trouble  a couple of times, well lets say extra trouble because i’d already be facing the wall for a particular offence and mysteriously the tv would always be on, now that i think about it i’m so sure it was all a set up and i fell for it each time. As soon as sport billy or something came up i’d just turn around for a quick peek, in a few minutes the spirit would take over and i’d even muster the courage to actually sit and watch. Mum always caught me by the way so its safe to say it never ended well!

I can’t remember when i began to read but whenever i started, i’m thankful. One of my heroines has to be Enid Blyton, that woman is a genius and i’m thankful for the gifts she gave us. When i was in primary school i went to the library just to read ‘the secret seven’ nothing else mattered at the time, it was so easy to fall in love with her work. Classics all of ’em.

Its late and my fingers are kinda numb, i’ll probably have to continue this another time. So much to be said (i just hope i don’t forget sha). I’m sure a lot of y’all are proud 90’s kids as well, What are your memories???