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Its been a crazy last couple of days, so much sadness all around. Despite all that i’m attempting to break free of those shackles *fingers crossed*

Growing up as a 90s kid was awesome, I was talking with a friend of mine and the conversation inexplicably turned towards our childhoods, it was so melancholic and all the memories came flooding back, some anyway because old age seems to have caught up lol!  So on some level I wanna thank ‘Sister’ for making me remember.

As far back as i remember we didn’t have much to worry about, our biggest challenge everyday was probaby having to decide between white rice or jollof rice (you get the point jor). My memories of nursery school are quite sketchy but i remember every morning when my mama dropped me off at school, she’d always buy me a lollipop. Not just any lollipop, chupa chups! i dunno if many remember it but that was the igwe of sweets. My day was neva complete without it like a junkie i needed to have my fix, good times. Somewhere around this time (or was it much later??) my love affair with disney began.

I’m sorry but if you didn’t feel the magic of disney you weren’t a totally happy child, oh and lets not mix classic disney with the new disney stuff (tangled, shrek etc). My first brush with Walt came in the form of  ‘Bedknobs and broomsticks’, it was a birthday present for when i turned 3 or 4. Ironically it was a movie but i fell head over heels in love (i still have the tape today). The little mermaid, the lion king, beauty and the beast, the list goes on and on, magic of our time.

We didn’t have all the fancy gadgets kids have these days, no ipads, no psps, no playstations, heck we didn’t even have cable. Except for the occasional cabletel of course, and not to paint a totally sad picture, we had family com(Shekere soccer and mario A-infinity were favourites) and who can forget super nintendo!!!!.

I’m not ashamed to admit that till this day i still watch cartoons (keeps me young), you gotta admit though cartoons are a good laugh. That’s one of the high points when we were kids, the cartoons. At the time NTA 2 channel 5 your reach out station was king, there was no 24 hour programming so we always had to wait till 4pm everyday to get our groove on (not bad on school days but torture during the holidays).

I’m sure every 90’s kid saw this, arrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!! I would miss anything but i wouldn’t miss anything for voltron, it was sooo cool. Modern day cartoons were modeled after this, i’m so sure. We had lots of  cool cartoons, birdman, G-force, sport billy, dungeons and dragons, dodo the kid from outer space…. its a long list. You couldn’t tell time but you always knew when 4pm was at hand, i can swear i perfected my time telling skills this way (can you blame me :D). I even got in trouble  a couple of times, well lets say extra trouble because i’d already be facing the wall for a particular offence and mysteriously the tv would always be on, now that i think about it i’m so sure it was all a set up and i fell for it each time. As soon as sport billy or something came up i’d just turn around for a quick peek, in a few minutes the spirit would take over and i’d even muster the courage to actually sit and watch. Mum always caught me by the way so its safe to say it never ended well!

I can’t remember when i began to read but whenever i started, i’m thankful. One of my heroines has to be Enid Blyton, that woman is a genius and i’m thankful for the gifts she gave us. When i was in primary school i went to the library just to read ‘the secret seven’ nothing else mattered at the time, it was so easy to fall in love with her work. Classics all of ’em.

Its late and my fingers are kinda numb, i’ll probably have to continue this another time. So much to be said (i just hope i don’t forget sha). I’m sure a lot of y’all are proud 90’s kids as well, What are your memories???