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Hey hey, I’m sure many of y’all were beginning to think I’d gone AWOL, not in the least, here i am once again to rave ‘n’ rant etc etc. Let’s get to it!

I recently heard the news about a policeman who found a large amount of money and duly returned it, this was such a momentous achievement that the said policeman received cash rewards and was even promoted. This is probably stale news, e ma binu, for me it never gets old.

Correct me if i’m wrong but i thought (as well as millions of others) that part of a policeman’s duties is to be honest, diligent and to return lost items if found, abi na me no sabi?? This is what said officer did and instantly he became a hero, Nigeria i hail thee!! Many would argue that he’s a Nigerian policeman and for him to return ‘free’ money is a huge achievement considering the current climate in the country, i beg to differ on this though. If the owner of the money felt like giving him a cash reward on a personal level fine i can understand that, is this worthy of making the front page of the papers? most definitely but a promotion, c’mon!!!! Its not like the guy solved a great mystery, he simply did his job as he should have.

Trust Nigerians to take things over the top, we seem to thrive on sentiments and mediocrity, for how long are we going to celebrate what should be a normal turn of events? Are we such ‘immoral’ people now that when someone returns what doesn’t belong to them(which is normal) we throw a parade and celebrate it? Our sense of morality is gone with the wind. Corruption is the in thing and lately its not even done under g anymore, i just wonder how the outside world sees us. Think about it, if we have to celebrate someone for doing something he/she should ordinarily do, then Houston we have a BIG problem. Speaking of celebrating i recall when Chief Bode George was released from prison, people partied like he had just returned from a mission to the moon. Today he’s still a top dog in the country despite being convicted on corruption charges, a ‘normal’ person would most likely leave the country ASAP and stay away from the limelight but hey, this is Nigeria, where up is down. The battle between farcrook lawan and mr otedola still rages on, i used to have a lot of respect for lawan but after the whole issue came to light i admit i was really disappointed, i guess he’s Nigerian after all.

Two weeks ago i hopped on a bus at ojuelegba en route ojota, the driver then stopped at the bus stop at barracks to drop some passengers off as well as to pick up new ones. While the conductor was busy screaming in his gravely voice ‘ketu ojota pangove!! (palmgrove apparently)’, two policewomen approached the driver to demand their settlement. I guess the driver was in no mood to drop any dough because a mini argument began. Believe it or not both women stood in front the bus with their hands folded across their chests + their noses in the air like petulant children, i thought i had seen and heard it all until the people in the bus started to scream at the driver to settle the policewomen and not waste their time etc etc. All i could do was silently shake my head, these were regular people urging the driver to ‘settle’, the same people who come out later to shout and scream that the government is corrupt, SAD.

I’m not claiming to be a saint o, even i have my shortcomings but as they say, in order to solve a problem you must be ready to admit that the problem exists. We as a people understand the concept of right and wrong, we equally understand the consequences of our actions but we have become so desensitized that we choose not to give a damn about the consequences when we decide to do the wrong things.Sadly enough the kids are toeing the same line, that really is alarming. We need our sense of morality back, without it corruption or at least a large chunk of it won’t go away, being sentimental and celebrating mediocrity certainly isn’t helping either.We can blame the government, but the government is made up of people, its going to be a very tough battle to clean up the mess and move the country forward. Some might say its impossible but i don’t believe that, impossible is nothing. God bless us all *drops mic*.

“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently”-Friedrich Nietzsche