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Hey guys, how’s it going?? I’m going to deviate slightly from the norm on this post, I know you’re used to me raving and ranting but I’ll ease off slightly on this. I’ve never been much of a storyteller so I’ll try to make this as quick and painless as possible. There are two guys and a girl involved in this so for the sake of national security let’s call them Lanre, Biodun and Lara.
Biodun is your regular dude next door, cool, calm and fresh out of university; not exactly Denzel Washington but he had a certain way with the ladies. I should know, I was there. Sometimes I would be his wingman and vice versa (let’s not go into details). Despite all the attention he always had eyes for one particular girl and when I say eyes, it bordered on an obsession (sorry bro). Lara was a year behind me and biodun, though she was in a different faculty. I can’t remember exactly but I think the attraction began as far back as year two (pardon me but it was a while ago), they met during a dean’s cup match I believe. Anyways Lara played hard to get (like all women do) eventually she said yes to and they began dating, I was sad for I had lost a dedicated wing man.
Things were awesome for the couple, always going out and being all couple like. For the record I didn’t feel left out or jealous, i didn’t need to be *wink*. Biodun was always on about how awesome lara was bla bla bla, it became a regular tune, it was so sugary sometimes I felt like throwing up but like all fairytales there’s always a witch, a monster or even both. Things started to go south just when we began our final year, I thought maybe they were just having regular couple issues because it didn’t look too bad at the time, until when the dam broke. I remember it was a Saturday because I usually spent the weekends at home but I stayed back in school because my department had a football match that day. Biodun called me up later on telling me some s*** had happened and we needed to talk, dude got me so scared I thought I was in trouble. Long story short he said he found out lara had been cheating on him and he wanted to break up. It was shocking and hard to believe, he said he had proof but he didn’t wanna tell me about it. He confronted her and according to what he told me she didn’t even try to deny it, seemed she was ‘proud’ of herself. That was how their romance ended.
Fast forward about two years and the other brother in the story comes into play. Lanre and biodun had been friends in secondary school; he studied in Canada and was back in town for NYSC etc etc. Apparently they hadn’t spoken since their secondary school days and got in contact when he got back to town. I said I’d make this story as quick and painless as possible: Lanre met a girl whom he likes and wants to date, said girl is lara whom my buddy biodun used to date. Lanre doesn’t know this yet and dig this, lara is begging biodun not to reveal everything that happened between them to lanre. This throws up some questions which I really need answers to because biodun is really bugging me.
1. Is there anything wrong with dating your friend’s ex or your friend dating your ex?
2. Did biodun make a mistake by not telling lanre that he and lara were together before?
3. Should biodun tell lanre the real reason he and lara broke up or should he just keep that to himself? If he tells him lanre might not believe him, if he doesn’t lanre might find out and think biodun didn’t ‘protect’ him
4. Is it possible to be friends with your ex and her/his new girlfriend/boyfriend a.k.a your buddy?? Similar to the ted, robin and barney triangle in “how I met your mother”? Your opinions please!!!