The thoughts have been swirling around in my noggin, I actually have sanechild to thank for this. She made a very important point concerning one of my earlier posts, we are all being very vocal about the state of the nation but no one seems to have any suggestions on how we can solve the problems. I’m not an economist or politician etc etc but like every other Nigerian out there i’m not as idiotic as the government thinks, i can figure stuff out. Here’s what I think:

As we all know Nigeria’s number one problem is corruption/soullessness. What i mean is corruption is practically everywhere even in the so called developed countries, let’s paint a picture; in the typical ‘developed’ country assuming a governor or mayor (as the case may be) has 20 million dollars to spend on community development, that money will be well spread out. He/she may siphon part of the funds but at least the primary job would get done. In Nigeria lai lai, its a totally different ball game. Out of the 20 million the Nigerian political office holder pockets 18 million, gives his subordinates 1 million to shut them up and spends one million on the primary job. As a result there’s hardly any progress and even if there is, its temporary. This my people is soullessness and in my opinion anyone found guilty of such crimes should be sent to the gallows straight, no mercy. Anyone who can murder his/her people should be made to pay dearly. Equally all the fat cats in government should suffer the same fate, Bunch of Godless fellows.

Our laws need to be burnt up and a new set of laws drawn up because till this day i don’t know what law allows a president to change the name of an institution established by law on a whim, or what law permits our first lady to be appointed as a permanent secretary. Even if the appointment is legal, is she qualified to be there?? (the million dollar question) Naija i hail thee!! The constitution seems to favour the high ranking officials a whole lot, they just love to hide behind the immunity clause. Well i say out with the immunity clause! Let the sinners be punished PROPERLY, we all remember Tafa Balogun who stole billions and got 6 months in jail (i spit on the system), injustice of the highest order.

Let’s not forget one of the most important issues, we as citizens. We are so used to flouting the rules and doing anything we like because we know we can talk or more commonly buy our way out of problems. Public disorder, a lack of morals, civic disobedience reigns supreme. The WAI (War Against Indiscipline) legislation was introduced by Buhari in 1984 to tackle this menace, sadly the program was criticized by some for poor planning and engaging in draconian and unreasonable punishments such as public flogging and long sentences for minor offenses. A student above 17 years of age caught cheating could get close to 21 years in prison while counterfeiting, arson and illegal oil bunkering could lead to the death penalty. I hate to say this but we kinda need that program today albeit with some adjustments, i don’t think i want to be flogged in public (shudders).

Stiffer penalties need to be brought upon criminals or wrong doers in general, Governor Fashola recently got a military officer arrested and fined for driving in the BRT lane, I believe he was meant to pay #25,000 or so. Not bad but in my opinion the fine should be a more substantial amount maybe with jail time. New traffic laws were introduced in Lagos and everyone is crying blue murder, the truth is that’s the language Nigerians seem to understand. Unless we’re treated like goats we won’t behave ourselves and that is a sad sad trend. Ironically we travel to The U.K etc and become model citizens, penny for your thoughts my people.

Oh well i’m done, i may have forgotten a couple of things but y’all should kindly drop your comments and possible solutions to the problem below.

Sanechild i hope i’ve answered your question, cheers…………